10,8km Distance
40:11 Time
16,1 km/h Pace
246 Calories
Afternoon Ride 22May21
1,8km Distance
07:03 Time
15,4 km/h Pace
54 Calories
Ride to Blood Donation 22May21
1,2km Distance
11:52 Time
10:10/km Pace
82 Calories
Cooldown walk 22May21
21,2km Distance
02:11:28 Time
06:11/km Pace
1268 Calories
IPG Runners for Election 2021
6,8km Distance
47:20 Time
06:58/km Pace
453 Calories
Easy Run 21May21
2,2km Distance
18:32 Time
08:35/km Pace
129 Calories
Evening walk 20May21
2,0km Distance
16:55 Time
08:15/km Pace
172 Calories
Morning walk 20May21
12,1km Distance
01:15:04 Time
06:13/km Pace
628 Calories
Morning Run 20May21
19,0km Distance
01:56:42 Time
06:07/km Pace
974 Calories
Celebration for birthday of Uncle Ho 19/5
2,3km Distance
20:20 Time
08:54/km Pace
140 Calories
Evening walk 18May21
2,0km Distance
17:01 Time
08:28/km Pace
185 Calories
Morning walk 18May31
18,5km Distance
01:56:52 Time
06:18/km Pace
983 Calories
Congrat Day of Sci &Tech of VN 18/5
2,6km Distance
22:54 Time
08:57/km Pace
72 Calories
Evening walk 17May21
9,3km Distance
01:04:17 Time
06:53/km Pace
514 Calories
Recovery Run (fully masked) 17May21
2,2km Distance
17:33 Time
08:05/km Pace
143 Calories
Cooldown Run (fully masked) 16May21
21,1km Distance
02:12:36 Time
06:16/km Pace
1187 Calories
HM of May (fully masked) 16May21
5,2km Distance
32:28 Time
06:18/km Pace
298 Calories
Happy International Family Day 15May21
8,9km Distance
36:23 Time
14,7 km/h Pace
190 Calories
Ride for Int Family Day 15/5
24,0km Distance
01:26:39 Time
16,6 km/h Pace
481 Calories
Morning Ride 15May21
2,3km Distance
18:55 Time
08:22/km Pace
135 Calories
Cooldown Run (fully masked) 14May21